Executive Programme 1994/1999

Research Technical Development and Higher Training - Subprogram 1- Measure 1



The Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo in collaboration with the Department of Psychology of the University of Turin organised a Master Course, reserved to young people resident in Southern Italy.


A peculiarity of the Master-course is that of supplying to human science researchers methodological and relational instruments in order to intervene on social transformation processes of groups/communities and the local authorities they work for.

The training project is destined to human sciences graduates in order to increase their capability to analyse reality as a complex phenomenon and to intervene through higher and more complex competences.

The Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo, through the School, intends to make its know-how - about planning and activating dialogue and cultural interactions in the Mediterranean - available to the empowerment process of cultural resources in Southern Italy and to :

social transformation research and experiment methodologies and instruments that allow a finer interpretation and identification of the resources which can be activated in the Mezzogiorno region;

        evaluate the strong points of communities;

        favour the interaction amongst research and training centres, academic and non-academic, with the institutions and associations of the Civil Society;

        promote social wellbeing and human development in the individual-community interaction;

        identify needs and resources of Southern countries paying particular attention to the social organisation of cities;

        promote citizenship rights and active participation to the managing of the common good;

        reinforce integrated strategies between universities, the world of employment and local authorities for research and training;

        intervene in social transformation processes inter-relating ethical and cultural traditions of the Mezzogiorno with the transformation processes in a more global perspective of modern society.

The didactical objectives of the School are :

           implement the capacity to read into individual and collective needs;

           implement the capacity to identify and network social resources;

           implement, in light of a re-evaluation of the patrimony of traditions, the capability to intervene on the processes of social transformation in an anthropological, psychological, economic, environmental, political and cultural perspective;

           acquire competences about social planning and community development;

           acquire community psychology intervention instruments


President: Prof. Piero Amerio

Scientific Director: Prof. Caterina Arcidiacono